Are Dehumidifiers good for your health?

DehumidifierHigh relative humidity in the atmosphere at home can make one susceptible to allergies. This is due to the growth of bacteria, viruses, dust mites and moulds. Moulds produce mycotoxins that lead to dangerous respiratory problems. A dehumidifier is the perfect solution for all these problems.

Implications of high humidity

  • 40-60% RH is ideal for living indoors with a good health. Above 60% humidity, the survival, growth and infection rates of bacteria and viruses increase. This in turn increases the rate of respiratory infections.
  • High humidity favours the growth of opportunistic parasitic fungi, causing infections like athlete’s foot and fungal nail infection. People with weak immune system are susceptible to more serious fungal infections like mycosis
  • Allergens like mycotoxins and dead or alive mould particles cause an autoimmune response in sensitive people leading to the symptoms as in hay-fever.
  • Humidity also increases dust mite population, which cause an allergic autoimmune response like itchy watery eyes, congestion, and wheezy dry cough.

Dehumidifiers can benefit health in three ways

  1. Reducing and controlling humidity: A powerful dehumidifier actively controls humidity levels at home, and not simply extracts moisture.
  2. Air filtering: Most of the best dehumidifier UK models we found have a dust filter that is fine enough to cut out any microbes. Antibacterial filters kill these microbes on contact.
  3. Ionizers: Ionizers negatively charge air particles, so that they clump together and fall out of the air or can be normally cleaned if attached to surfaces. They kill microbes by charging and hence proved to be very effective in reduction of allergen concentration in hospitals. The histamine production in our body also gets decreased in an atmosphere with increased negative ions.

How a dehumidifier works

Moisture from the air is drawn into one unit where it gets condensed onto a set of cold coils to dry it. It is then passed over hot coils, inside the unit, to make it warmer than the air that entered. There is a tank into which the condensation drains into, and it can be emptied periodically. It is more like an air conditioner except that it has both hot and cold coils.

A dehumidifier improves the respiratory health by lowering the humidity; it reduces dust mites and moulds thus lessening cough and allergy. It also makes the home smell fresh, as it eliminates the damp mouldy smell. But one should keep in mind the maintenance and efficiency of a dehumidifier before purchasing it. Considering the health benefits, it is always recommended to purchase a dehumidifier for one’s healthy home.

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